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Thread: MAPI functionality for open source

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    Question MAPI functionality for open source

    I think someone who is good in Zimbra development or re-coding will be able to clarify this to me, as there are not many resources available regarding this topic.

    Is there a way to develop our own Zimbra collaboration suite using the open source code, instead of buying the network edition license so that we can have the following functionalities.

    *Full Outlook sync capability for contacts,calendar and tasks using the free open source edition
    *Full Mobile sync capability for iphone,blackberry and windows mobile
    *Full Zimbra document sharing available in the network edition

    Please note: All of the above 3 must be possible by customizing the source code.

    Is it possible to edit Zimbra open source code to have the above to properly function.

    What type of options do we have here without worrying about the expensive licensing?

    I prefer Zimbra over Google apps. However Google apps is kind of taking over slowly with all the messaging collaboration functionality with 25Gigs per user for less than $5 per month.

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    I'm a NE admin, so I can't spare much time looking into these possibilities, but I can give you a couple places to look.

    For Outlook sync, there are a number of projects/products out there that purport to offer integration. On the server side if you could somehow plug OpenChange into Zimbra, you might have something. (Looks like SOGo is already headed in that direction.) On the client side there's The Open Outlook Connector Project and ZideOne (may not be open source). The former looks like development has stalled; the latter seems to have been abandoned completely.

    While doing more search I came across iCal4OL: Google Calendar Synchronization for Outlook - ICAL Feeds Import and Export but that is commercial only.

    As for mobile sync, search the forum for funambol and z-push. Not sure about document sharing, in fact, are you sure it's a NE-only feature?

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    Thank you for the valuable information. It looks like the low cost solutions are possible, by using many open source tools such as funambol server+plug-ins.For collaboration funambol it self is not enough.
    The down sides of going for bunch of open source tools are updates and support. This is where Zimbra has the full potential. Will wait and see how vmware will work on the pricing structure for the subscriptions.


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    I had just replied to Elliot's post from January 2009 about this same topic:

    Its sad to see the progression, a year and a half later, and still not much inter-connectivity with openchange/funambol

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    For MAPI compliance use Zimbra Notifier as default mail client, even in open source edition. You won't need Outlook anymore, as it redirects all MAPI calls to the Zimbra Webmail Client, or the Zimbra Desktop, whatever is active

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