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Thread: SOAP AuthRequest Failure (account.INVALID_PASSWORD)

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    I am playing with my local Zimbra installation (ZD 1.0.4 over Linux) by sending it some test SOAP messages from a custom Java application and I can convince the service to authenticate.

    More specifically, I post the following SOAP message through a Java OutputStremWriter (variable w):

    w.write("<?xml version='1.0'?>\r\n");
    w.write("<soap:Envelope xmlns:soap=\"\">\r\n");
    w.write(" <AuthRequest xmlns=\"urn:zimbraAccount\">\r\n");
    w.write(" <account by=\"name"></account>\r\n");
    w.write(" <password>MyPassword</password>\r\n");
    w.write(" </AuthRequest>\r\n");

    where is an existing GMail address, the inbox of which I access via ZD (or via any browser), using MyPassword. ZD synchronizes with MyAccName flawlessly.

    However, whenever I post the above SOAP message, I get the following response:

    <soap:Text>invalid password: MyPassword</soap:Text>
    <soap: Detail>
    <Error xmlns="urn:zimbra">

    As I said above, MyPassword works fine with both GMail and ZD. The documentation (soap.txt) says that account.INVALID_PASSWORD means "new password doesn't meet the system's rules", but how can this be possible, since it works already and I am not trying to create a new password anyway?

    Any ideas?


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    The SOAP service wants the password for your Zimbra account.

    I haven't ever used SOAP with ZDesktop, so I'm not sure how it works, or even why you'd want to do it for that matter. I've only used it against a real Zimbra Server. So if you are giving it your account, that is why it is not authenticating you - it is not a local account to Zimbra. The is a data source within your actual Zimbra account.

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    Quite right, and the Zimbra Account is (of course) not the OS Zimbra Account ("zimbra" user, which I had also tried), but a Zimbra Server (ZCS Account). I just tested my code with a demo account from Zimbra Collaboration Suite Log In and it works just fine. Thanks!

    I am still puzzled as to why there couldn't be a local Zimbra Account (even a dummy one) to play with SOAP, since the local URL (http://localhost/service/soap) works and since ZD is indeed used for development (e.g., for zimlet development, as per the corresponding Zimbra Desktop Wiki Section). That would be very convenient for people who want a portable offline (e.g., laptop) setup to play with, as I want to do.

    If anyone has a suggestion (or a hack) to achive this, please contribute.

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