I am testing the ZimbraCS Briefcase on a remote server, to which I upload various types of files using a Java URLConnection object.

While the file contents are uploaded properly from my program, there seems to be a problem with the encoding type and a second problem with other (perhaps hidden) file properties.

Regarding the first case, calling urlConnection.setRequestProperty("content-type", <value>) does not seem to work, since a subsequent call to urlConnection.getContentEncoding() for retrieving the encoding type just set, returns null.

This results in binary files not being fully recognizable by the ZimbraCS server. For instance, MP3 files uploaded via my program do not get the loudspeaker icon that such files have next to them, when displayed in /Briefcase. Although, if I download such a file, it plays as expected.

A perhaps similar case (the second problem mentioned above), has to do with (hidden?) properties of uploaded files, that apparently must be set for the server to have full understanding of such files. More specifically, if not a ZimbraCS bug, when I try to delete a file uploaded using my program (through a Java URLConnection object), the deletion fails with an error message that the file already exists (!).

Any ideas?