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Thread: Custom the creation of appointment

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    Default Custom the creation of appointment

    Hi, mi name's Zahit and i'me here because i'm trying to custom the way that zimbra creates an appointment.

    Well, i need to edit the fields that zimbra ask you when you create an appointment, because i wanna add some fields that i will use in another database, the connection to the other base is solved, but i can't find the file where is store de the information about this window or box or dialog.

    Basically i nedd to find the jsp or the html or the js, where zimbra store this form.

    Thanks in advance

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    Default CalendarAppt_all.js.zgz


    I was looking for a solution and i discover this file


    you can unzip this file and you will have this file


    This file is diferent to the file called CalendarAppt_all.js in the same location, whell, the js that you take when you unzip the zgz is the file that show you the QuickAdd Appointment dialog, but....

    as you can see, the code is difficult to undestand, well, i just wanna add and delete some fields to this dialog, a solution for me is:

    1. Unzip -> CalendarAppt_all.js.zgz
    2. Delete the code in the new file -> CalendarAppt_all.js
    3. write a " ('myDialog.jsp')" in CalendarAppt_all.js
    4. Zip again CalendarAppt_all.js whit gzip -S zgz CalendarAppt_all.js
    5. Reload the aplication

    With this solution i'm near to do it all that i wanna do, but, i can't take some parameters that i need, for example, the start date and the end date i don't know how to extract it.

    I know that i need to catch this parameters in CalendarAppt_all.js before that

    If you have some information about this, i will be grateful.

    Thanks in advance

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