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Thread: Zimbra Mail idea for calendars

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    Default Zimbra Mail idea for calendars

    Hello All!
    I have an idea for zimbra mail. I use Zimbra mail via eastern michigan university's email system. I am a hall director in a college dorm. I use the calendar quite a bit for my student staff.

    I wish zimbra added an additional share option. When you click "share properties" and edit calendar in who can view your calendars. There should be an additional option like "contributer" which just allows a person to "view" and "add" appointments in the calendar, nothing else. If a person wants to remove an event they need to get admin approval to remove it.

    Question though. If a person just has the' "view" option in a calendar can that person "add" or "remove" appointment but it requires admin approval? Does that how the "view" option works? If this is how the "viewer" option works, if the "contributer" option eliminates the need for the administrator having to "accept" calendar additions it would be nice. Also, it would be great if the "contributer" option allows people to "add" things to the calendar without needing approval unless someone wants to remove something.

    i dont use zimbra documents a lot but this idea could maybe be added to this feature too. Kinda like google documents.

    is this a good idea?
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    There is an option to "Automatically add received appointments to calendar" in Preferences. So you can have them create an appointment in their calendar, and add you as an Attendee. Then give them view access to your calendar. Problem solved.
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    Default Idea

    Thanks for a accept all idea but I want this ability to work for them to modify my calendar.

    This is an example for how we use it.

    We use the calendar so that they can reserve a lounge here in the dorm for events. I want them to be able to add events to my calendar (the lounge reservation calendar) but not be able to delete anyone elses but add their own. I want the only way they can delete something is by my approval.

    Another example, we use the calendars for nights off. I want them to be able to look at my "nights out" calendar and add their name to it to indicate they are off. Since this is a little more of a first come first serve basis I don't want my staff to be able to delete anyone else's.

    This is why i thought creating a new share option called "contributor" with only the ability to "add" and "view" would be a great idea. I can think of tons of ways this could be used. I know this involves a trust issue but I can see how many types of groups could use this. Same thing with the briefcase. To be able to dump something but not be able to delete other things.

    In another example, Google documents allows you to share it with others but they need approval to modify or edit the document
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