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Thread: how to find the propertyName list ?

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    Default how to find the propertyName list ?

    I had search the wiki: Zimlet JavaScript Class - Zimbra :: Wiki

    4.4.11 setUserProperty
    This method sets the value of a user property. It defines the following formal parameters:
    propertyName - This is the name of the property whose value is to be returned. For example: “someUserProperty”
    value - The value to which to set the property
    save - If true, then the property will be saved (along with any other modified properties) Return void

    I want to change the "Sent" folder in zimlet, but how can i find the propertyName of "Sent" folder?

    Please help.

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    Finally, i got the property name with command zmprov:

    zmprov ga admin | grep -i sent
    zimbraPrefSaveToSent: TRUE
    zimbraPrefSentLifetime: 0
    zimbraPrefSentMailFolder: sent

    How can i change the value in zimlet? I want to disable the "save to sent" in zimlet, my code here:

    appCtxt.set(ZmSetting.SAVE_TO_SENT, false);
    appCtxt.set(ZmSetting.SAVE_TO_IMAP_SENT, false);
    var appsent = appCtxt.get(ZmSetting.SAVE_TO_SENT);
    var imapsent = appCtxt.get(ZmSetting.SAVE_TO_IMAP_SENT);
    appCtxt.setStatusMsg("APPSENT: " + appsent, ZmStatusView.LEVEL_INFO);
    appCtxt.setStatusMsg("IMAPSENT: " + imapsent, ZmStatusView.LEVEL_INFO);

    the value of SAVE_TO_SENT have been changed in appCtxt, but it is not working, the messages still save in "sent" folder.
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    I also tried:

    var settings = appCtxt.getSettings();
    var sent = settings.getSetting("SAVE_TO_SENT");

    But probem is same.

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