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Thread: Just use Webclient?

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    Default Just use Webclient?


    I'm rather new to the Zimbra platform, and I must say that Zimbra's webclient is the best I've found on the internet. However, I already have an email sever which I don't plan on retiring. So, is it possible to only use Zimbra's webclient, and use it with my own servers? If so, how do I go about doing this(do I need to copy files to my webservers and edit them?)

    Thanks for your assistance!

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    Try Zimbra Desktop. Its gives you the Zimbra web client and can work with any mail server (IMAP/POP) or Y!, GMail, etc.

    Zimbra Desktop
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    In addition, it cannot be used as a web client alone -- it is a full mail server suite.

    Migrations are not too difficult, and Zimbra has a very extensive list of features, so it may even be worth migrating to. It was for us
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