Am trying to code something in Perl that will connect to the SOAP interface and issue a GetInfoRequest using JSON. I have used the Admin interface to generate the pre-auth key but when I issue the GIR it says that I am now authenticated ? The array I am using is
my %jsonhash = ();
$jsonhash{"Header"}{"context"}{"_jsns"} = 'urn:zimbra';
$jsonhash{"Header"}{"context"}{"authtoken"}{"_content"} = $authToken;
$jsonhash{"Body"}{"GetInfoRequest"}{"_jsns"} = 'urn:zimbraAccount';
$jsonhash{"Body"}{"GetInfoRequest"}{"name"}{"_content"} = 'user@domain.com';
This then gets switched into JSON using $jsonhandle->encode(\%jsonhash);

Any help would be gratefully appreciated as all I want to do is pull back one of the Zimlets preferences (values)