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Thread: how to enable or disable zimlet with zmprov?

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    Default how to enable or disable zimlet with zmprov?


    I want to enable or disable one zimlet with zmprov commad, i success to change for domain:

    zmprov md zimbraZimletDomainAvailableZimlets "+com_zimbra_myzimlet"

    but when i want to change for email user:
    zmprov ma zimbraZimletDomainAvailableZimlets "+com_zimbra_myzimlet"
    I got error return:
    ERROR: service.INVALID_REQUEST (invalid request: LDAP schema violation: [LDAP: error code 65 - attribute 'zimbraZimletDomainAvailableZimlets' not allowed])

    I have not problem to enable or disable this zimlet when i login in webclient.

    Any idea? Please help.
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    Sorry, mistake the command, the correct command should be:
    zmprov ma zimbraPrefDisabledZimlets "com_zimbra_myzimlet"
    This command is working but still problem, how to enable or disable serveral zimlets?
    I can using command like this to disable two zimlets:
    zmprov ma zimbraPrefDisabledZimlets "com_zimbra_myzimlet1", zimbraPrefDisabledZimlets "com_zimbra_myzimlet2"
    but i doubt it was really the correct way?

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    Default How do you list the names of the zimlets

    so I can phrase the remove line properly ?



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