Can't seem to find much re: XForms, except a nice teaser in the whitepaper..

I understand the idea; can you tell us if XForms has been used consistantly within Zimbra Email Client, or only in some places?

What is the best area to look at as an example of usage? (A simple example.)

Do the examples in the AjaxTK use XForms at all? (Don't appear to...)

I'm wondering if XForms have been used in some places in the client and not in others, such that there are then examples of what the payoff is in using them; the ROI, etc.

Does the JS code look a lot cleaner when they get used?
Where will I find an example of specification of the client-side validation?
And is there any way to use XForms to also do server-side validation?
If not, how are you doing server-side validation?