Hi there,

I tried asking this question before but did not get any responses, maybe the title was too vague...so trying again

I'm developing a phone answering service for a non-profit org for which part of my solution would require a way to create schedules of availability.
I have a number of volunteers, and each have certain times or days of availability to answer the line. My application will automatically forward the incoming call to the next available volunteer based on their schedule.

While looking for open source Java calendaring I found Zimbra. Why reinvent the wheel of managing the calendar part of my application!

Now my question is - before I jump into it too deep - does Zimbra actually have the functionality to create and edit schedules like this, and more importantly allow a 3rd party app to interface with this schedule to at least query it to determine availability.

It would also be nice to know if someone can tell me whether there is a free hosted version available for non-profits, so I don't have to install and host my own?!

Martijn Spronk
Vancouver, Canada