In looking at the Subversion Of Zimbra

I can see the soap*.txt files regarding Zimbra soap documentation
And i have looked at the Zimbra Soap requests via the Ajax Web Client
Using the parameter debug=1

This has given me good understanding of what is possible.

There are two avenues i would like to persue in using the soap side of things.

1) Work out how to configure the Zimbra tomcat instance to serve our own content, so that I can access the zimlets directly, outside the zimbra web client. Using the Zimbra ajax client to construct soap requests and get back JSON results. I am a bit lost as to if this is possible? and if so how do i do it?

2) I would like to be able to write a Java soap client that accesses the Zimbra soap services. I can see inside a lot of examples etc.
But i need to be able to download a Zimbra Client jar file that has just what is needed to make the soap calls. So I can use this inside my Java APP to make the soap calls.

Can anayone guide me on how to go about these two things. I have been trying a range of things and so far no joy.

Apologies for newby question