here are some thoughts after a day of getting zimbra working on a Mandriva 2005 distribution:

1. The installation process needs refinement. You should make it possible to use the distri package and just provide the config files. Of course as an alternative to the ones in your package. Now it was a hell to get working.

2. Try to centralize the logfiles somehow to make it easier to find out what goes wrong when something does. Ie. symlinks from the /opt/zimbra/log directory to the appropriate places would be one way. Using syslog all the way an even better.

3. The Web interfaces doesn't work with any konqueror I have tested so far:
3.4.2 and 3.4.3. You cannot get past the login-screen.

4. The mailserver is suprisingly fast to be java.

5. In the mailreader the Recieved date is the date when the mail was entered into Zimbra, not when it was recieved in the first place (from the headers). This will be a pain when migrating mail as you will loose the info about the real recieved date in the migration.

6. The searches are presented through IMAP as folders, which is fine. But still you cannot create subfolders and so on. A clearer way would probably be to make these subfolders of a pseudofolder "Search" or similar. Then you would know ahich presented folders are searches and which are not.

7. Couldn't find a way to view attachments in the mail interface.

8. Saveing a built search wasn't very intuitive.

9. Like the idea with Datastore in files + database index. This takes care of a big problem with incremental backups. Now only the new data + the whole index will be stored instead of the whole mailfile/databasestorage as in many solutions. Good thinking!

Best regards

Oy Espoon Newtech Ab
Dag Nygren