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Thread: Preliminary Zimlet Design Question on Tabs and Configuration

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    Default Preliminary Zimlet Design Question on Tabs and Configuration

    Hello everyone. I have a question about zimlet configuration and tab usage. Please note- I am only looking for a little guidance and not someone to do my work for me. I have already searched online and in this forum.

    Is it possible to add a configuration section for a zimlet to the preferences panel?

    If you currently go to preferences you can click on the accounts menu in the left-hand panel(under mail) and you are presented with a tab-view underneath preferences which allows you add accounts/etc.

    Is it possible to achieve this for custom zimlets? I am designing a zimlet which requires accounts(much like mail) and also some other properties. It fits much better in the mechanism described above than stuffing it into a dialog.

    If this is possible- where do I need to start looking? Thanks for any help.

    Update: 50 views and nobody has any ideas.
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