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Thread: When will the new roadmap be published?

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    Cool When will the new roadmap be published?

    will you publish a new roadmap for the 4.1 release? or for the 5.0 release
    Maybe you can create a poll for feature wishes?
    I vote for tasks and for birthdays, and maybe contact photos :-)
    And a RSS-Reader integrated like contacts or email, so that one could use it.
    Regards and thank you for your work

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    Default Tasks get my vote

    Tasks are the most important.
    I think here if zimbra was able to provide at least the same functionality as M$ exchange/Outlook, that would be good.
    BUT, why stop there. I have been waiting for tasks ever since we migrated over to zimbra. I have been playing around recently with a couple of different GTD (getting things done) tiddly wikis.

    The tiddly wiki uses javascript and CSS to create 'plugins'. The GTW plugins make it so that you can have different tags.

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