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Thread: Cancel an instance of a meet SOAP

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    Question Cancel an instance of a meet SOAP


    In the soap-calendar.txt, there is a function to cancel a meet

    ************************************************** **
    // NOTE: If canceling an exception, the original instance (ie the one the exception was "excepting") WILL NOT
    // be restored when you cancel this exception.
    // if <inst> is set, then this cancels just the specified instance or range of instances,
    // otherwise it cancels the entire appointment. If <inst> is not set, then id MUST refer to the default
    // invite for the appointment.
    <CancelAppointmentRequest id="ID_OF_DEFAULT_INVITE" comp="COMPONENT_NUM_DEFAULT_INVITE">
    [<tz ...>] // definition for TZID referenced by DATETIME in <inst>

    [ <m>
    [<e.../>*] // users to send update to
    [<su>{subject of cancellation mail}</su>]
    </m> ]
    ************************************************** **
    I have a diary meet that occurs on 22,23,24 and 25th of february. I want to cancel only the meet of the 23th. I write the xml but I don't know what to put in the "<inst" tag. Actually, I put the calendar uuid in the "id" tag but it cancel all the meet (the 22,23,24 and 25th meets)

    Can anyone help me?
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