I'm just newbie with Zimbra. We're an organization with around 1500 mailboxes, alias and distribution lists. We've installed Zimbra in a Server dedicated for it only. We'd like to create/delete accounts directly from our main server. I will explain it: if we appoint a member of the organization in a staff position we want that at the same time we appoint it as staff, his mail account will be created and an alias with his position. We don't need it will be done in the same moment, but at least accounts should be updated twice per day. Till now we've been working with hmailserver and we've done this with an script handling directly tables of hmailserver in MySQL server.

If any of you could help us with any idea about how do it, could be nice, to avoid have to spend a lot of hours investigating. I've read that there's no info about Zimbra databases, then I decided post this message.

thanks in advance for your help.