I am currently trying to develop a simple System Tray app (like the much anticipated 'toaster' app planned for a future Zimbra release). I'm at the start of my development and the first problem that I've encountered is authentication: How do I authenticate with the Zimbra server using a Java HTTP client? The URL I want to read from is

'http://<zimbra server>/home/<user>/inbox.rss'

according to the 'rest.txt' guide in the Zimbra source. If I try to open a URLConnection with this URL at the minute I get a HTTP Response Code of 401, obviously because I haven't authenticated with the server.

Basically, for starters, I'd just like to authenticate with the server and then call the RSS feed in order to display the number of new messages as a tooltip for the System Tray app.

Any advice on how to do this HTTP authentication would be appreciated.