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Thread: ChangePasswordRequest SOAP Problem

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    Default ChangePasswordRequest SOAP Problem

    [My SOAP snippets were causing an error with the Zimbra Message Board, so I had no choice but to include them in the attachment]

    I'm trying to use SOAP to change account passwords. I first send an AuthRequest that appears successful and then I send a ChangePasswordRequest that fails.

    From the AuthRequest, I get an authToken and a session id, and I send the ChangePasswordRequest.

    When I send that request to the server it responds "(500) Internal Server Error". I turned up the logging level and checked in mailbox.log. In the log it says,

    com.zimbra.common.service.ServiceException: unknown document: ChangePasswordRequest

    I've tried a million different reconfigurations of the SOAP request I'm sending and nothing seems to help. I have a feeling it might be some authentication issue, but I really don't know. If anyone can offer any insight, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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