Hi. I'm using SOAP with ZCS 6.0.10 and have successfully used the Zimbra SOAP services to create mail and contact folders, do searches, etc.

But I'm having trouble doing one particular thing, and can't see in the documentation any hints as to how to get it to work.

I want to 'copy' a mail message from one mail folder to another. I can do a GetMsgRequest and retrieve the details and content of the original message. But I can't work out how I can use AddMsgRequest to create a proper copy.

When I have a SOAP request that has this particular fragment:

  <m l="... folder path ...">
It creates the new message with the message content of 'one two three' as required.

However I can't see how I can set things such as subject, from address, to address, etc. The documentation on the AddMsgRequest service doesn't list the usual <su> or <e> elements, etc.

I've played around with various permutations but have had no luck. The <content> element seems to be only for message body content.

Can anyone give me some pointers on how I can do a 'full' copy of a message, from one mail folder to another, copying things such as subject, from and to addresses, etc? Many thanks!