Not sure if this belongs in the Developer Forum. Let me know where the proper place is, if this isn't it.

I have a Verizon xv6700 and I'm trying to keep its calendar in sync by inviting myself to my meetings. Basically an invite email gets picked up by the phone and everything works great.

However, if i create a new meeting in the web interface, invite myself, the email never seems to be sent. Does zimbra automatically swallow emails to myself from the calendar? Does it do it for the entire domain?

My mail preference is set to "If I send a message that I then receive:
Receive the message as normal", so it shouldn't be on the receiving end, but does the calendar ever send the invite?

On a separate note, If i create a meeting on the phone and invite myself, it unfortunately creates it as some TNEF attachment that currently only Exchange recognizes as an invite. Any chance zimbra will support that in the future?