Hi !

I use the excellent module "Zimbra Calendar" for Joomla by Richard Gate.

It works great, but I want to add one little function :

For now, the module list the day appointment, for the Default calendar only.

So, I go see the code (helper.php), I see "inid:10" and I think it's the id of the Default Calendar :

PHP Code:
 //Get today's appointments
function zimbra_get_appts_today($calsort)
$datestart mktime(0,0,0);
$dateend $datestart + (24 60 60) - 1;
$sortby "dateDesc";
  if (
$calsort == '1'$sortby "dateAsc";
$req =
'<SearchRequest xmlns="urn:zimbraMail" types="appointment" calExpandInstStart="'.$datestart.'000" calExpandInstEnd="'.$dateend.'000" limit="10" sortBy="'.$sortby.'">
   <query> inid:526 </query>
  if (!(
$res $this->zimbraSOAP_execute_request())) return false;
  if (!isset(
$res['SOAP:ENVELOPE']['SOAP:BODY']['SEARCHRESPONSE'])) return false;

So, I try to change the id in the request, for example "inid:526" for the Calendar name "Others".

But, it doesn't work with the id of shared calendar.

How I can change the request to list all day events of all calendar, including shared calendar ?

It will be even better if we can list that only for the calendar checked in Zimbra tree List.

Thanks a lot