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Thread: Downloading source to different workspace than /home/public/p4

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    Default Downloading source to different workspace than /home/public/p4

    I'm trying to download the source code using p4.

    I can connect but can't write the source to disk because the /home directory on my system is controlled by the automount daemon. Making directories in /home is not possible without altering the system, which I'd prefer avoiding.

    The wiki mentions other root directories for workspace locations are possible (/opt/, /Users/, etc.). I'm trying different ways of getting the source to download into one of these alternate root directories but I'm not having any luck. Instead I get the message 'Operation not supported' when mkdir tries to make a directory in /home...

    //depot/zcs/HELIX-710/Ajax/WebRoot/examples/xforms_test/XForm doc.html#1 - refreshing /home/public/p4/HELIX-710/Ajax/WebRoot/examples/xforms_test/XForm doc.html
    can't create directory for /home/public/p4/HELIX-710/Ajax/WebRoot/examples/xforms_test/XForm doc.html
    mkdir: /home/public: Operation not supported

    How do I get the Zimbra source to download to a root directory other than /home?


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    You could create a symbolic link in your box with:
    ln -s /root/zimbra_source /home/public/p4

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