I have to get xml data from Zimbra using the Zimbra REST API. But I have some problems when getting result using these URLs (that I wrote). Here are my URLs and problems

Inbox :
I used this request to get emails :

But response doesn't contain the date when the email was sent, and sometimes, the email's message is not fully loaded (I see three dots ...).

Agenda :
I want to search for a calendar, if it exists or not, for example : "JUGEvents" calendar, I used this request, but the problem is that it returns all the calendar's data if it exists :

Can I have the list of all calendars instead of using this method ?

Contacts :
I can get the contacts with no problem, but zimbra searchs in all the contact fields. Example : If I want to search for a contact who have the last name "taichimaro", I get all the contacts that even have a function called "taichimaro" or anything else, so I'd like to say to Zimbra : Give me the contact who have for the property "lastName" the value "taichimaro" :

Thnx in advance.