I have a need to customize the Zimbra Web Client interface that is plugged in to Oracle Beehive. I want to add on some capabilities to it like managing SMS and MMS from with in the Mail Box, I am working with some gateway provider for the SMS/MMS part, but what i m looking at is an answer to the following questions:

  • How would one pull out the Zimbra Web Client interface only and plug in to one's own mail server, I don't really understand this, since I believe the webclient would talk to the server (tightly coupled with zimbra server) for all mail services
  • If I were to modify a code on that, can I use the ZCS Helix version, do the changes there and expect it to work with the Zimbra Web Client of Oracle Beehive.. I guess No, but still checking. Has Oracle Beehive modified the Zimbra Web Client code to connect to the Oracle Beehive servers?? I am confused..
  • What projects do I need to be worried about (Helix has close to 20 web projects - Zimbra Server, Zimbra Tag Lib, Zimbra Web Client and so on..) if I were to look for such a integration.

Apreciate any help and direction on this regard.