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Thread: Need Proper Documentation to customize Open Source Zimbra 7

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    Smile Need Proper Documentation to customize Open Source Zimbra 7

    First of all, Congrats on having such a great mailing application.

    We have currently got open source zimbra 7 installed in our environment. It is working fine. But would like to get it customized so that it adapts 100% to the requirements of the company. Can we get some guidance or directions from your end?
    We are familiar with JAVA JSP & Servlets, AJAX, PHP, Javascript, XML etc.
    But we are not that familiar with eclipse & its use for customizing the ZIMBRA OPEN SOURCE VERSION.

    Can we get a proper document with info on which version of Eclipse, tomcat, jetty, mysql need to be installed & the procedure to get it build.
    Thats all what we want & have got stuck with.

    Can anyone help us on this????

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    Well the Questions is what you like to customize
    1) Add BASE Futures to Zimbra - then you must read the "Badge-ware Restrictions" on what you can remove and what you cannot and what Licence will you part of the Code should follow.
    Zimbra - Trademark and Branding FAQ
    Zimbra Licensing FAQ
    Licensing for open source server & client technology: enterprise messaging and collaboration software by Zimbra


    2) Application Addition - for which you need to read about Zimlets and not focus on Developing zimbra itself. Zimlet arch and help you keep your CODE out of zimbra core and you have better Intellectual Property protection.
    Zimbra - Zimlets

    i2k2 Networks
    Dedicated & Shared Zimbra Hosting Provider

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    We have a similar requirement to augment Zimbra with some new features. Requirement is more to do with use a gateway for sending and recieving SMS/MMS for zimbra users. I know that there is a SMS zimlet, but it does not fulfill our requirement, we thought of extending it and realized that what we are trying to achieve need a little more than what zimlet can do. Basically we want to store the SMS that is being sent by the users through the zimbra interface and allow them to search through it and do some other functionality as well. So clearly we are looking for modifying and extending the Zimbra source code. So my questions:
    1. Is this allowed?
    2. Is there any documentation on extending zimbra server components

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