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Thread: SOAP API changes from 5 to 6?

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    Default SOAP API changes from 5 to 6?

    Since I'm getting nowhere with support after 2 weeks, I figure I post here and hope someone else can help...

    We use SOAP API routines to manage our add/deletes. But after upgrading our dev environment to 6, it's not working properly. The scripts making the calls get error 500s where as there is no error being reported in the log files at the server.

    Here's an example code:

    <ns0:Envelope xmlns:ns0="">
    <ns0:Header><ns1:context xmlns:ns1="urn:zimbra"><authToken>nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn</authToken>
    <ns0:Body><ns2:CreateAccountRequest xmlns:ns2="urn:zimbraAdmin">
    <an="displayName">John N. Doe</a>

    We get back:

    SOAP request failed: code=500, error=Server closed connection without
    sending any data back

    But looking at the logs, the account is created and there are no errors...
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    what Dev tools/programming language are you using and this output is from where ?
    the <ns0 and <ns2 tags you have are little weird.

    By the way: please dont post the Auth tokens on public fourms its not secure.

    i have used the API since 4.0 to 7.0, works across thing i must say Zimbra API is highly stable and backward compatible.

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    We are using perl (Zimbra::SOAP). I'm working with our programmer - he passed me the sample code he is using.

    Looking it in action, we had increased the logging level and clearly see the response back from the server, however 'somewhere' is being either misinterpreted or not understood and hence an error 500 is returned by libwwwperl.

    Here's the snippet of code that checks for that response:
       my $res = $ua->request($req);
        if (!defined($res)) {
            print STDERR "No response from server\n";
            return undef;
        my $xml = undef;
        eval {
            $xml = Zimbra::SOAP::XmlElement::parse($res->content);
        if (!defined($xml)) {
            # Check for network/HTTP error after trying XML parse because
            # a SOAP fault comes back with HTTP 500 status.
            if ($res->is_error()) {
                print STDERR
                    "SOAP request failed: code=" . $res->code() .
                    ", error=" . $res->message() . "\n";
            } else {
                # We have legitimate XML parse error.
                print STDERR
                    "Unable to parse SOAP response: " . $res->content() . "\n";
            return undef;

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