Hi All,

I have set up pre-auth for my application, but for some reason I am not getting the correct authentication token back in the cookie.

In my (java) application,

URL urlx = new URL(theURL);
	      URLConnection uc = urlx.openConnection();
	      String headerName=null;
  	      for (int i=1; (headerName = uc.getHeaderFieldKey(i))!=null; i++) {
		    	 	if (headerName.equals("Set-Cookie")) {                  
		    	 		String cookie = uc.getHeaderField(i);
		    	 		return cookie;
theURL passed in is a valid url with a generated pre-auth value such as

however the returned cookie value is ZM_TEST=true. There are not multiple values in the Set-Cookie parameter.

The most bizzare thing about this all is that if I enter that url above into a web browser I will get a cookie written, ZM_AUTH_TOKEN=0_69f61.....

Any ideas for this ZM_TEST cookie being returned in my application?