Hello, all!

1) i am not 100% sure this is the proper forum for this question, but i found no "generic questions" forum (or similar).

2) Until today i was just an innocent Zimbra user (HTML client), so i'm not at all familar with Zimbras private parts and may just be overlooking something which is obvious...

My company uses Zimbra and would like to port an internal "Who's In/Out of The Office" calendar based on Zimbras calendar data. i've been poking around the AJAX API (mostly via snooping the request/response JSON via Chrome dev tools) and i've come across what appears to be a big hurdle... (but is more likely an oversight on my part).

The only mechanism i can find to do a login assumes the client is a browser. i've scoured the various text files which informally describe the requests and have not yet found a login request.

Is it possible to log in to Zimbra using a non-browser client? My client would be roughly 95% JavaScript and 5% PHP, and i need to be able to receive/send the auth token outside of the HTTP headers. i.e. i cannot rely on cookies support and plan on manually managing the auth token.

If it is indeed not possible to perform a login via the AJAX API then i can kill this project before it starts.