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Thread: Where's does the calendar module reside?

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    Question Where's does the calendar module reside?

    Using ZCS6, I'm trying to locate where the directory exists for the Calendar on the server? I want to edit a few files to make some custom alterations to the functionality of the calendar, but I can't find where it sits at.

    Running CENT OS 5.7, noticed it's somewhere in the /opt/ directory.

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    Hi mechaflash,

    What kinds of modification do you think of?
    Is it for Advanced UI or Standard UI?
    If it is for Standard UI, I could tell you the specific jsp file which you have to modify.
    But if it is for Advanced UI, you coud have to modify the js file with which you have to create archived file to deploy that.
    Or you could have to modify the java file with which you have to create jar archived file.

    So first let us know what is your plan for customisation so that i can tell you what file you have to modify and where you need to creat archived file with it or not.

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