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Thread: Zimlet to upload files to briefcase

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    Default Zimlet to upload files to briefcase


    what I want to do is to create a briefcase with a file template in it, the file should be on the server(a resource file in the zimlet I think) and then when a user uses the zimlet to create a briefcase it should contain the file.

    I didn't find any specs on this, is this possible?

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    I am not sure how you think to implement the function you mentioned with "Zimlet to upload files to briefcase".

    So I suggest that you look into
    Email Templates | Zimbra :: Gallery .
    And you better create the same zimlet for briefcase.

    I hope it will help you.

    If you still want to know how to upload files to briefcase,
    then you first post the file as multi part form data to "/service/upload" , and then send SOAP or JSON SaveDocumentRequest.
    You can get the details by hack the requests sent when you click file upload button in Briefcase with firebug or something.

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    hi, thanks for your answer.

    Email template zimlet uses text copying from emails, so is not exactly what I need. What I need is to upload some files from the server (loaded from the zimlet as resource in the xml) to some folders in the briefcase.

    I looked over the way it is done for upload a file in the Briefcase section, but what I need is to upload the file without user interaction, so there won't be a upload file input in the html. Tryed to reproduce using js, loading the file and making a post request to service/upload but I get back an error in the js function (the url outputs html with a js script).

    Tryed using jsp but don't have any exp wit it and from what I understand he can't do a post including a file.

    From your answer I understand that there is no way to do this using th zimbra api for zimlets and I need to find another way but I can't find it. The problem sending a post with js is that I can't recreate the multipart header and let the server know that I am sending a file.

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