I want to implement a tooltip to pop up over texts
matching a specific regexp that has a single clickable URL in it.
My problem is, that sticky tooltips are not yet supported (however the
documentation does not state that fact but it is mentioned only in
the forum).
What must I do to make the following work despite the sticky-problem?
(The link is there but the popup disapears uppon trying to move the mouse
to the link.)

<zimlet name="Mylink" version="1.3" description="Link IDs to their page">
<regex attrs="ig">#([0-9a-f\-]*)</regex>
<regex attrs="ig">ID-([0-9a-f\-]*)</regex>
<toolTip sticky="true">PageID: &lt;a href='/my/index.php/ID-${src.$1}'&gt;#${src.$1}&lt;/a&gt;</toolTip>
<canvas type="window" width="600" height="800"/>
<actionURL method="get" target="/my/index.php/ID-${src.$1}"></actionURL>