As an admin I need to run a monthly query of all Zimbra users.

There are a handful of fields I know I need, and probably a few more I'd want if I looked through a table layout document. Output to a flat ascii file, or a csv would be fine. I can take it from there.

I'd like to list their user name, first name, last name, description, location, and class of service. I'd like to sort the whole thing by COS (500 users). Last login and some other fields may not be in the user tables, but I'd like to review that/those tables myself to know.

Where can I find a doc on the tables list, and their fields for Zimbra?

Finally, is there something unusual we'd need to do to make this happen? My techs look at me like I'm crazy and mumble when I request their feedback on this project.

TIA... Jim