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Thread: API for Searching and Retrieving Emails

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    Default API for Searching and Retrieving Emails


    I have a CRM system written in Java that handled emails for all employees. It currently retrieves the emails and stores themm in a DB and the CRM system handles the emails just like a email client does.

    I would like to know if Zimbra has APIs to allow retrieving Emails from the Zimbra Email Accounts and also searching for Emails(given a search criteria). Also it would query/retrieve other folders such as Sent, Trash etc. Does Zimbra have APIs that can do this and if so could you post a link to those APIs so I can check them out.

    Thanks Very Much!


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    Hi Jason,

    As you know, zimbra has soap api "SearchRequest" for searching mails.
    To get detail info about that, you better check out soap.txt, which is in ZimbraServer/docs folder of source code repo.
    And also you better see Zimbra Web Client Search Tips - Zimbra :: Wiki .
    This give you some instruction about how to write query in "SearchRequest".

    I hope it will guide you through.

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    thanks for the info

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