Hello there,

I have an application that is attempting to crawl the contents of the ZDB file using MAPI. I am using Outlook 2007 with the 6.0.13 GA version of the Outlook plugin. I can open Outlook 2007 and see my messages on the Zimbra server. I use the same MAPI code for crawling regular PST files and IMAP PST files, with no issues at all.

I have the following problems when trying to crawl the ZDB file:

1. OpenMsgStore sometimes hangs for minutes before proceeding. It will work, but it appears like it is attempting some kind of sync with the GAL. Is this expected?

2. When I close the store, sometimes (not every time) I get an AccessViolation when calling StoreLogoff:

At this time, my application produces a crash log that points to an unmanaged exception in LSLIB32.dll (the Zimbra DLL?).

I *think* it happens more often when there is more than one Outlook profile on the system, but I cannot verify this for sure.

Has anyone had luck in crawling the ZDB store with MAPI? Is there some other library I need to use?

Thanks for any help you can provide.