i'm trying to build zimbra for ubuntu 11.10, but i have some questions

1) do i need to build third party sources (./buildZCS.sh -t)?

2) when trying to build third party sources, it looks for some of my shared libraries (eg: zlib.so) in /usr/bin but many of my libraries are in /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu. how can i get the build to look in that directory (without symlinking every shared library)

3) i've got oracle's java installed in the ThirdPartyBuild folder. however, can i run openJDK for the java on my machine, and just use oracle java for building zimbra?

4) i've added a file defs/UBUNTU11_64.def and modified devs/plat_commons.def to get it to recognize ubuntu 11.10, so i don't end up with files named UBUNTUUNKOWN_64... are there other files i'm missing?

any points would be helpful, i really just want to run zimbra 7.1.4, i don't want to modify it, but since the released binaries can't install on ubuntu 11.10, i'm building it, hoping to get it working myself (since i don't want to downgrade my OS)