I'm relatively new to Zimbra and am evaluating the Network Pro edition for my company. I setup the demo and created accounts for everyone - but I didn't fill out any of the contact information (address, phone, etc). Can the user update that information herself?

Even better, since we are one company, is there a way to set defaults for certain fields so that when I create a new user, they have the office address already there?

Is there a way to export the GAL in vcard format? I found the REST API to export contacts in vcf format, but can't figure out how to apply that to the GAL.

Currently every employee uses Outlook with an imap server, so every employee
has a private address book with all the other employees entered. And when someone makes a change, it has to be emailed out to everyone, updated, etc. We just want to use the GAL for everything so that when it is updated everyone sees the results. But we want each user to be able to manage their entry. Is this possible?

Perhaps eventually we'll be running Active Directory anyway, so maybe we'll have a different problem to solve anyway. . .