Hello everyone,

I'm proud to announce the first release of the FreeBSD Patchset for Zimbra. This patchset will allow you to compile and install Zimbra on a FreeBSD/i386 6.1-RELEASE or later host.

Work to port Zimbra to FreeBSD is sponsored by iXsystems (http://www.ixsystems.com).

Please read the instructions CAREFULLY before attempting the build!

The instructions can be read here:


The patch tarball can be downloaded here:


(NOTE: This project is NOT affiliated with PC-BSD.)

While the build and install steps have been extensively tested, there are still sharp corners. Please read the instructions and follow them EXACTLY!

These patches are distributed under the terms of the BSD license (2 clause version).

Before You Ask:

1) Can you supply prebuilt packages?
No. I'm not willing to sort out the licensing issues that distributing a binary build entails. If you have a moderately clean machine and can get the dependencies sorted out then the build should succeed, emitting binary packages that can be installed on another host.

2) Can I build and install Zimbra on the same host?
No. Zimbra must be built and installed on separate hosts because the build pollutes the Zimbra install directory. You can use a jail for the build step if you don't have a separate computer handy.

3) Can I install Zimbra into a jail?
Yes, but not currently recommended. Because of the peculiarities of jails the MySQL privilege tables end up allowing unsecured access to the database. I put some notes in the README about jail installs, however that setup has not been extensively tested and may have unresolved issues.

4) Can I install Zimbra on an amd64 host?
No, FreeBSD/amd64 is not supported in this patch.

If you have an issue or question not resolved here or in the README, please contact me at dwhite@ixsystems.com and I'll try to help as best I can.