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Thread: soap calls to backend server failing with parse_error

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    Default [SOLVED] soap calls to backend server failing with parse_error


    SOAP::Lite by default adds the value type as an attribute and Zimbra doesn't like this apparently when the request is proxied behind the scenes.


    <AuthRequest xmlns="urn:zimbraAdmin">
    <account xsi:type="xsd:string" by="name"> </account>
    <password xsi:type="xsd:string">jokersmells</password>

    SOAP::Lite->autotype(0); # solves the problem.

    Also it appears that GetAccountRequest does proxy to the home server of the account that you are searching for. I was too focused on the account I was logging in with.

    6.0.10_GA NE


    I'm playing with the Zimbra SOAP API + Perl SOAP::Lite and ran into something odd. When I issue a GetAccountRequest to any one of my 5 mailbox servers, they will send the request, in the background, to a specific mailbox server ("01") and fail with a parse error:

    "The prefix "xsi" for attribute "xsi:type" associated with an element type "account" is not bound. PARSE_ERROR


    - If I send the request to that specific server "01", then the request is fine.
    - AuthRequest calls succeed on any server.
    - The account I'm using to log in with does not have "01" as it's home server.

    Is there something I'm missing or is this a bug? I've glanced at zmlocalconfig, and zmprov desc to see if there would be some kind of setting specifying a default host for soap requests, but didn't notice anything.

    It's not a big deal to use 01 for soap operations, but I prefer to use the server we have setup to do automation tasks and doesn't host users.
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