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Thread: Zimbra Lite - Can it be less feature rich and re-skinned ?

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    Default Zimbra Lite - Can it be less feature rich and re-skinned ?

    Hi all,

    Firstly, apologies if this is a post in the wrong discussion area.

    I have used Zimbra in the corporate environment and I have a few questions regarding the open source version.

    1. I want to use the very basic email features of Zimbra - is it possible to dismantle the code and use an appropriate sub-set of features.

    2. The very nature of open source means I can dictate the visual design yet the compare Zimbra web page suggests otherwise (Zimbra - Compare Products)

    As background, I am developing a community site and I need a very basic email function.

    Thanks for your help in advance. Appreciated.

    Craig Smith

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    1. Instead of changing the code, you can modify your configuration to remove all the things you don't want.
    Like disabling tag, contacts, calendar, etc...

    2. As far as i know, the only restriction in re-branding the ZCS Open Source Edition is that you can't remove/modify the logos.

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