Hi friends,
Eventhough it is not related to zimbra , i am expecting good response from you.
I tried to read cookie by using javascript , having the code as follows
<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">

function ReadCookie(cookieName) {
var theCookie=""+document.cookie;
var ind=theCookie.indexOf(cookieName);
if (ind==-1 || cookieName=="")
var ind1=theCookie.indexOf(';',ind);
if (ind1==-1) ind1=theCookie.length;
return unescape(theCookie.substring(ind+cookieName.length +1,ind1));
<body onload="ReadCookie(ZM_AUTH_TOKEN)">

coookie name is ZM_AUTH_TOKEN , nothing happened !
so let me know the solution and where i have done mistakes and what to do?
Thank you.