Hi ,
my zimlet have html form inside , and i create the html form by this way :

com_zimbra_mail_validator_HandlerObject.prototype._get_mail_validation_form = 
		var html = '<form id="start" action="/" method="post">' + 
				'<h1>please enter user id </h1>' +
				'<p>' +
					'<input id="email" type="text" />' +
					'<label for="email">user id</label>' +  
				'</p>' +
				'<input type="submit" value="check"/>' + 
				'<div id="btn_cell"></div>'
		return html;
and i call this function in appLaunch prototype of my zimlet:
com_zimbra_mail_validator_HandlerObject.prototype.appLaunch = function (appName) {
	var app = appCtxt.getApp(appName);
it works fine , but i just know how i can handle the submit button with ajax in my zimlet or am i in right way for creating custom html form in zimbra web client ?