I have found this annoyance, well I think its a bug and hopefully not a feature...

When creating a tag by right click on an email and then click create new tag it works, but when creating a tag while using the "tag with" action in the filters section it just seems to crash the zimbra client. It freezes with a white tint. (assuming server never responds?)

Heres how to duplicate it just to see if this is just me

1. login to zimbra
2. goto preferences
3. goto filter rules
4. click add
5. in "perform the following actions"
5.5 change the action to "tag with" and then click browse
6. click new tag and type in some name
7. click ok to create a new tag

My screen then just does nothing but freeze

And another thing...
Is this a feature that instead of MOVING an email from the inbox to another folder via filters it copies it to another folder? I hope it isn't because this is happening.
In the Admin panel there are a few places like accounts that the tooltips are buggy (they aren't displayed correctly)
Also would be a nice feature if we could tag a whole folder.

How would we go on making a new theme? (Not that I dont like the current steel one, I just feel too mac-ish about this steel theme)