maybe this would rather go into developers forum, but lemme try here first.
Well, I am wondering if it would be possible (and recommended) to do something like this:
- attach an iSCSI 2 TB NAS storage to ZCS server (Open Source Edition)
- mount it as a new partition
- configure ZCS to use this partition for messages...
- ...but ONLY FOR messages in every user's "ARCHIVE" folder in webmail
- and exclude this folder from regular search (would be searchable only under advanced search)

So the result would be, that all users would instantly see new folder in Webmail, named "ARCHIVE", and on backend this folder would reside on newly attached iSCSI NAS storage.

My idea is to off-load the primary Zimbra disk storage and to enable simple archiving for users.

The next step would be to create custom archiving Wizard, where you would just click "Archive all mail, older than 12 months" and all those mail would go into ARCHIVE folder, releasing space on primary Zimbra store.

Anyone did something simillar?