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Thread: Can I send email with Voting buttons to MS Outlook using Zimbra Java libraries?

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    Smile Can I send email with Voting buttons to MS Outlook using Zimbra Java libraries?

    Hi Experts,

    I'm new to Zimbra, can you please help me what product should I download to get the java library for emailing?

    Can I send email with Voting buttons to MS Outlook using Zimbra Java libraries?
    I noticed it used JTNEF library right?

    Can you please help me how to start coding email with Voting buttons?
    I would really appreciate any guidance you can give me.

    Thank you in advance.

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    what the hell....

    what you wanna do with the java libary?
    are you aware what zimbra is ?

    btw java not gonna help you within an email and no you cannot send voting buttons to outlook

    all you can do is send a very limited html email (look at the rfcs which elements are alowed)

    however the simplest thing for voting would be a website with voting and email the buttons with html links to the website

    anything else will not come trough to outlook - outlook reads only standard mails you cannot add any kind of special button its email

    man why im answering this anyway
    maybe you should read all rfcs regarding email and mime first to understand what email is and what you can do with it

    and i t makes no difference how you send an email you could even send a mail with telnet

    btw zimbra do not really send email with java, the java libs are for composing/mangle/whatever it - sending is made by postfix

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    Hi bofh,

    My apology please if I had asked a wrong question in this forum.

    And I've just come to Zimbra forums because I'm searching for Miscrosoft Outlook TNEF, and since Zimbra uses JTNEF, a java library it uses to handle TNEF which are for adding voting buttons, I thought I can find help here.

    Tnxs for some tips anyway.

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    Man that doenst make any sense.

    jtnf is used to decode mesasges sent by outlook in tnf format which is propitary (anynother try to takeover the internet by microsoft)

    so in thery you can send in tnf format and since tnf have voting buttons it should be possible

    so here the no sense part:
    1. only outlook can decode such messages
    2. who should get the response of that buttons ?
    since this function only really works if an outllook cleint sends the request - you would have to rebuild the hole propitary function inclusing recieving and using the answers
    3. its a propitary function and its not really email its tnf

    tnf is kinda very special format - even if you would rebuild the hole function in zimbra you could only communicate with outlook

    stil im not even shure if zimbra can those tnf functions by default or if jtnf is only used for extracting messages

    still see not much use for it to support such propitary protocolls and im not even shure about the licensense rights - meaning you might be able to use jtnf but you might not be able using every aspect of that protocoll - here i still dont know how open tnf is/should be

    anyway you cannot use java classes directly in an zimlet since its only jscript not java and i have some doubt that the hole jtnf libary is there as soap call

    beside tnef is a replacement for mime so i dont think you cna make this happen with a zimlet it looks more like a complete addon in the zmmailbox - recreate excahnge functionality

    but at the end of the day even if you could do that would mean zimbra has to send every mesage with a voting vuttin in tnef format which is the same behave as outlook does

    beside the license thing, and non rfc so not compaitble with anything, why should zimbra be able to do this?

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    Default tnxs

    hi thank you very much for the enlightenment.

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