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Thread: Zimbra with x509 certificates and/or PGP

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    Default Zimbra with x509 certificates and/or PGP

    Maybe one "missing" feature on Zimbra is the support for S/MIME in the webinterface. Of course it's possible to send cyphered and/or signed emails using and email client like Outlook or Thunderbird via Zimbra's server, but I think that being able to sign emails with a x509 digital Id (and/or PGP) it would make it more powerful for environments and business where it's important the "non-repude-on-origin" (or whatever is called in English) and the confidential transmissions of information.

    I think that only CommuniGate Pro offers the possibility to cypher and sign emails via a webinterface, and Horde with PGP. If I'm right Scalix doesn't support neither this possibility and I think that it would be a "goal" to offer this option that, everyday, is being more common and valued for customers on many fields (medical, legal, etc.), maybe in the network edition as a professional feature.

    It's just a reflection to the "wish list"

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    Default Vote!

    Make sure to vote for the bug in bugzilla!
    Bugzilla - Wiki - Downloads - Before posting... Search!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dkarp View Post
    Make sure to vote for the bug in bugzilla!
    Thank you! I've voted

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    Default FireGPG allows encryption in web interface

    FireGPG ( will let you do encryption in the web interface. Installed it on my Mac and can now encrypt/decrypt just fine. It's a great stop-gap until PGP is integrated into Zimbra completely.

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