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Thread: Workgroup Share

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    Quote Originally Posted by KevinH
    IMAP? You can share IMAP accounts today. Just add multiple accounts/mailboxes to your IMAP client.
    Yes, IMAP.

    What do you meen with "share an account"; create an new account and spread the username/password for this account? This is not what we like to to.

    Right now, we are using two great features from SLOX:

    1. Share an personal IMAP folder (also subfolders) to an other SLOX member with advanced access settings.

    2. Create an global IMAP folder (no account) with an e-mail-address and share this to selected users, also with advanced access settings.

    Is this something Zimbra will offer? If yes, what do you think it will be released?

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    Yes it's something we'll be adding. I'm sure you've read it if you'd have ran a search or two. Most folks call this shared folders and public folders. We support this in the calendar now. In the future we'll add it for mail and contacts. Not going to guess on a date, as it depends on the priority vs all the other items we are working on.
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