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Thread: Provisioning in .net

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    Default Provisioning in .net

    I've got the server setup and everything is running fantastically, but in looking at Zimbra.Client and Toast, I was unable to determine how to simply create an account...

    I know I know, I've been spoiled with wsdl's, but what is the simplest way to auth, and create a mailbox. Originally we'd planned on just using ldap, how4ever I understand that isnt guarenteed to stay working that way.

    I futsed around with it for quite some time, I can make the post, and get the response, but in parsing around with the xml, it barfs on the urn:ZimbraAdmin bits, and leaves me unable to fetch the message body stuff that I need. =(

    A) is zimbra.client ready to send and recieve admin requests? and would somone be so kind to point me in the right direction of how best to go about it? Without all the unnecesary threading, configfile reading writing etc.

    B) ehh, does java not have a tool to generate wsdl's from the code? So you dont have to maintain it all manually?

    Thanks in advance

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    oops, I suppose this probably belongs in administrators forum... sorry guys.

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