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Thread: Generic approach for storing credentials

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    Default Generic approach for storing credentials

    Hi folks,

    we're currently developing several zimlets that integrate with other systems (eg. cms, erp, etc).
    These zimlets (more precisely: their backend jsp code) need the proper user credentials to these
    external systems.

    For now, we're storing them in the user-zimlet-properties, but they can be accessed by frontend
    javascript code, which imposes an security risk. So we'll need to move them to some other
    datasource. Options are:

    a) filesystem: a bit tricky to guarantee atomicity and not suited for multiserver (would require additional sychronization)
    b) mailboxd database: not suited for multiserver, like w/ filesystem
    c) ldap: requires schema extension (that must be maintained across zcs separate versions, more complex on zcs upgrades)
    d) separate database server: quite complex to set up (far out of scope for a simple zimlet)

    The first step we're probably going is to abstract away the access to such information, so we can choose the underlying actual storage later (maybe configurable or even supporting multiple ones).

    Any ideas on this ?


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    Not a direct answer to your question, but you can use the zimbraZimletDataSensitiveInMixedModeDisabled ldap attr to disable zimlets exchanging sensitive data with the server operating in mixed (both http/https) mode.

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