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Thread: Call for status of freebsd/solaris ports

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    Default Call for status of freebsd/solaris ports

    Hi all

    There has been various attempts made to port to freebsd/solaris, I noted fairly recently someone posted a patch I think for freebsd with notes about some the usual troubles building that I remember and would have solved problems common to a Solaris build. Were these patches ever submitted upstream?

    Has anyone ever built this on Solaris successfully? Is Zimbra porting as we speak (ie. should I not waste my time?). I would probably port on Solaris 10 x86, then do a compile afterwards for Sparc/8 upwards as my ancient little Netra will probably take longer to compile than it took to write the source in the first place..

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    There is the contributed patch set for FreeBSD but I would doubt that zimbra has integrated it as of yet.

    As you know, many here (including myself) have worked on porting to Solaris but have run into various roadblocks. If you do get zimbra building on Solaris x86 and wish to build on a faster sparc machine let me know. I have a few max-spec E250 machines sitting unplugged with nothing to do.
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